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Call up your Ride right when you need it or book ahead. You can also book for a colleague or visitor.



Find out where your vehicleis in real time, get an estimate of how long you will be waiting and of how much your journey will cost.



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Loxea Ride : the solution for your one-off mobility requirements

Loxea has developed Loxea Ride, a point-to-point mobility service for companies available on demand or by pre-booking via a web portal or mobile application. A safe, comfortable, reliable and simple solution.

  • Safe & Comfortable

All Loxea Ride drivers are trained in defensive driving and customer care to make sure your journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  • Advanced technology for reliability and ease of use

Loxea Ride uses a cutting-edge technology platform offering functional depth and scaleability, ready to meet all your needs.

  • Vehicle choice

Considering your needs and budget, you can choose from different vehicle ranges (Comfort, Business, Multi-Passenger, etc.), all acquired new and serviced by CFAO Motors to provide you with an optimal experience combining reliability, comfort and safety.


Yet Loxea Ride is more than just a mobility solution: it also comes with the management tools that every business dreams of, to keep travel costs in check.

  • Permissions management

Keep your transport costs under control by managing booking rights for each staff member, letting them book services themselves or request preapproval.

  • Tracking consumption

Our management portal provides a series of dashboards from where you can track and analyse your company’s travel (route, date, time, cost, etc.) by department, division or user, and over a selected period.

  • Cash-free

Do away with the hassle of cash management: we send you a monthly invoice with a breakdown of your consumption.

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